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Since the release of their latest album High Violet in May, The National has been doing some extensive NYC touring. They did a small show at The Bell House (3/12), performed a benefit show at BAM (5/15) with an online simulcast, and then they hit none other than Radio City Music Hall last night. All shows […]

Good stuff


So I did end up watching most of The National’s concert on Saturday night as it was streamed live from BAM. The quality of the video was great and I enjoyed hearing the new songs. The audio quality wasn’t bad, but of course nothing will be as good as the live sound (and I was […]

So, do you want to see The National perform songs off of their new album High Violet (released today!) at the BAM Howard Gilman Opera House? Well, since it’s sold out I can offer you to options: 1) craigslist and 2) YouTube.  I’m going with option 2.   See, I held off buying tickets to […]

It’s sort of strange to leave a concert and realize you can’t listen to the songs again for a few months, but such is the case when you attend a last minute hush-hush pre-tour teaser of a show. But I am not complaining, last night’s performance by The National was a great show and left […]

First off, when we walked into the performance space at Le Poisson Rouge last night it was like we entered another concert dimension. There were people, lots of people, sitting down and eating and drinking. The stage and instruments were set up in the middle of the room, while the audience was seated at tables […]

To have a whole bunch of your favorite performers assembled under one roof to just play for you for three hours isn’t a bad way to spend a rainy Sunday evening, especially when, two hours before the show, you did not even have a ticket and just planned on a night of watching TV. So, […]

Please just look at this track listing for this 2-disc compilation CD. I swear I am not making it up. These songs were recorded exclusively for Dark Was the Night, an upcoming album produced by Aaron and Bryce Dessner (both of The National). The profits from sales of this album will go to the Red […]