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So we meet again, Avett Brothers. Much has changed in the seven years since I first saw the band play in a high school auditorium in New York City.  Not only has the band’s popularity grown, but the band itself has also grown in size, by three members, in fact. I guess when you start selling out […]

During my concert lull I’ve had a chance to have some apartment concerts of my own. OK, so it’s not really a concert since it’s on TV, but I have been able to hear some great bands from the comfort of my living room. Here’s the scoop: The Strokes are back! And they played SNL […]

Happy New Year! Before the year comes to a close I wanted to just mention a few of my favorite musical happenings from 2009. Best 2009 Album Never Released: Pela’s Rise Ye Sunken Ships I heard live versions of these songs and was eagerly awaiting this follow-up to Anytown Graffiti, but alas, the group broke […]

Check out this performance from The Avett Brothers on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. The band plays “Slight Figure of Speech” off of You and I and Love. ok, so the NBC video was removed from YouTube. But here’s the video for the song. The music starts around 3:05. What did you expect And what […]

A lot of bands toured this year and made stops at venues in New York City, so I got to see a bunch of great shows. Here are my top picks for 2008: Best Free Concert: The Avett Brothers @ Stuyvesant High School Although thunderstorms threatened to cancel this free outdoor concert, the show still […]

Maybe they’re just killing time, or maybe this is what musicians do—they just play music anywhere. And now that everyone has a camera in their pocket, it’s easy to capture some impromptu jam sessions and share them with the world. Here are a few interesting ones I have seen. Do not be fooled, this first […]

There are many reasons to see live music in NYC. Here are a few of mine. 1) It’s like going to a bar, but there’s entertainment. So you don’t have to spend the whole time perfecting your lip-reading skills and attempting to figure out exactly what your friends are saying. 2) In many cases the […]