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Cold War Kids are back with their latest album Mine is Yours. Cold War Kids songs always have some great lyrics that stick in my head after I’ve listened to the songs (“two weeks paid vacation, won’t heal the damage done / I need another one”). I can’t say that anything has jumped out at […]

Maybe they’re just killing time, or maybe this is what musicians do—they just play music anywhere. And now that everyone has a camera in their pocket, it’s easy to capture some impromptu jam sessions and share them with the world. Here are a few interesting ones I have seen. Do not be fooled, this first […]

Cold War Kids is a band in motion. This was evident last night at the Music Hall of Williamsburg as the bassist, Matt Maust, and guitarist, Jonnie Russell, constantly traversed the stage. It was quite different to see the band members cover so much ground during the show. And it wasn’t just during a few […]

This new Ray LaMontagne song is just really sweet – You Are the Best Thing. His upcoming album Gossip in the Grain is out October 14. Tour dates are listed on To promote their upcoming release, Loyalty to Loyalty, Cold War Kids has released a track called “Something is Not Right with Me.”  Listen […]