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Recent TV Tunes


Listen to the song in the first video below. Can you name that tune? Since there are no lyrics, it would be hard to look up the artist if you caught this ad on TV and liked the song. That’s where I come in, unless you have an iPhone, in which case you’re probably three […]

A.C. Newman took to the Bell House stage last night after what he claimed was a three-and-a-half year hiatus spent “working his day job.” Seems normal, except for the fact that his day job is lead singer of the highly successful Canadian band The New Pornographers. Since releasing his first solo album The Slow Wonder […]

I have seen The New Pornographers perform seven times. Is it OK to admit this? I’m not sure when official “groupie” status kicks in. I have a friend who has seen Foo Fighters all over the country, with the number of shows totaling somewhere in the double-digit range. So I like to think I can […]