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Check out this performance from The Avett Brothers on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. The band plays “Slight Figure of Speech” off of You and I and Love. ok, so the NBC video was removed from YouTube. But here’s the video for the song. The music starts around 3:05. What did you expect And what […]

So this Subaru ad caught my attention because I heard a Basia Bulat’s voice on my TV. But when I looked up at the screen I saw my college roommate from freshman year!? So this may be my favorite commercial ever. Here it is. And the song is “Before I Knew” from the album Oh, […]

The scoop… Band name: Hockey From: Portland, Oregon Members: Benjamin Grubin, Brian White, Jeremy Reynolds, Anthony Stassi, Ryan Dolliver Album: Mind Chaos to to be released August 24, 2009 What to expect at a Hockey show: Brian White (guitarist): “We work really hard to recreate the songs, pretty much to the tee.” Anthony Stassi (drummer): […]

I know people rave about Kings of Leon, but for some reason I just never got into them. I think it was this picture: It was all over NYC and online, and I just felt it was too much and I was sick of them before I even heard them. And plus they looked way […]

So, you may remember that last month I stumbled upon a concert in Union Square featuring a band called Bodyface. Turns out they were shooting a video, and I was recently informed that the video has been completed, which you can see here. I was also told that I missed out on my opportunity to […]

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Look, it’s like your very own personal Pela concert. Make it full-screen and it’s almost like you were there in Seattle. I think their new song “Juarez” is my favorite in the bunch. But “Rise” is pretty great, too. And so is “Cavalry”…oh nevermind, you get the point.

There are many reasons to buy the Dark Was The Night compilation album. In fact there are 31 reasons. Here is one of them.