Adele @ Pepsi Center 7/16/16



What used to be a weekly activity has now become a once-a-year event (thus the very neglected and unfortunately outdated blog).  So, when you are you going to attend one concert for the year, you have to make it count. This year: Adele. Somehow with a lot of click, click, click, back (what?? ack, what did I do??), reload, click, add to cart, I ended up securing two really good seats last December.  July felt so far away, and I wondered if I really needed to spend so much money on one single concert, but I figured it could be a Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday, Happy Mother’s Day, Happy Anniversary, kind of thing.

Now, if you have tickets to the Denver show tonight, or tickets to any of Adele’s upcoming concerts, I will give you two pieces of information and then I suggest you stop reading. It’s more fun to be surprised and excited at the show than to be thinking “oh yes, this is the part where she is lowered from the ceiling on a trapeze.” So, first, there was no opening act, and Adele appeared around 8:00 p.m. She sang for about an hour and forty-five minutes. Ok, there, that is all you need to know, enjoy!

Now, for my review and some photos…

For an arena show, Adele has a way of making the show feel like it’s in a small theater. She sang, she chatted, and she posed for selfies with the crowd. She even invited a few fans onstage for a quick chat and photo. She talked about adjusting to the altitude of the Mile High City, getting a sunburn at the hotel pool, and the wonders of Bed, Bath, and Beyond (which she discovered after deciding to keep her sunburned self away from the afternoon sun). For the first couple of songs there was no jumbotron image of her to provide a close-up view of the singer, but I didn’t even realize it. It didn’t feel necessary. It may be because there were two stages (or perhaps I just had a really good seat), but I never felt she was too far away.

The concert was in no way a spectacle, but it was visually interesting enough to compete with, but not overpower, Adele’s voice. Her band was in the background, and sometimes backlit, for most of the night.  And her black-and-white image appeared on the screen behind her for much of the show.


Adele sang a mix of songs from her three albums, and she even included a performance of “Skyfall.” My favorites were “When We Were Young,” “Hometown Glory,” “Send My Love (To Your New Lover),” and “Someone Like You.”  Here she is on the second stage in the middle of the arena.


And here she is taking some time out to crouch down so that fans could take photos or selfies. Seriously, she went around all four sides of the stage doing this. Some may say, “Hey, can we get back to the singing, please??” But, I think it offered her a much-needed vocal break. There were no outfit changes in the show, and Adele never left the stage, so  this allowed her a few minutes to breathe and rest. At least she was friendly about it.


There were a few times she asked the crowd to sing-along with her.  It is during these moments that I think of a Sully and Denise sketch on SNL where Matt Damon plays a Bruce Springsteen fan at a concert. At the start of the show, he exclaims: “Oh look!! Here we go, here we go!! Hey, hey, hey, HEY!! Let me make something abundantly clear. I don’t want any of you drunks singing along to ‘Thunder Road’ in my ear. I came here to see The Boss, not the shipping department at Circuit City. And I got a sock full of penny’s for anyone who thinks I am joking!!”  In this case it wasn’t so bad and I was able to get some video of the Someone Like You sing-along.

The night ended in a paper explosion of handwritten Adele lyrics.


Good times.


2 Responses to “Adele @ Pepsi Center 7/16/16”

  1. 1 Kate

    Second Doubles is back :)! I need to make time to see a concert. I’m afraid, though, that I’ve lost my ‘concert legs’ and my bedtime is prior to the main act coming on! I have wanted to see Adele since she did Carpool Karaoke with James Corden.

  2. Hi Kate! Yes, it was fun to be at a concert after such a looooong hiatus. And I’m with you—I couldn’t do any of those long nights of standing or waiting around for the headliner to appear after 10 p.m. Especially not with these 6 a.m. wake-up calls from my tiny boss.

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