Siren No More


It was recently announced that after 10 years, the Siren Music Festival will not take place this year. Instead, the Village Voice is hosting a (smaller?) music event at South Street Seaport. Here are the details from their blog:

With the beginning of spring comes the announcement of summertime music festivals, and we have one of our very own: This July 16, the Village Voice will throw the inaugural 4Knots Music Festival on the South Street Seaport. Named after the speed at which the East River, which runs right by the Seaport, pulses along, the 4Knots Music Festival will be an all-day, all-ages show in downtown at the sweatiest peak of the season.

I can’t complain, they are still offering a day of free concerts, but the Siren Music Festival was a great summertime EXPERIENCE–the Cyclone, the Boardwalk, the ice cream, the hot dogs. It was a package deal. South Street Seaport has hosted concerts before, and while they are fine shows, there is no added bonus of a post-show roller-coaster ride. There was always a huge turnout to the multiple-stage festival in Coney Island. I’m not sure how South Street Seaport will accommodate that sort of crowd.  In any event, I’m sure it will be a good time. I’ll just miss my annual trip to Coney Island, where I was able see some great bands and get me my amusement ride fix all in the same day.

Here are a few pics from Siren’s past:


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