Review: Bob Schneider @ City Winery 3-24


Last week’s performance by Bob Schneider at City Winery was advertised as a solo show, which to me meant that these musicians in his backing band would not be there. But little did I know that a Bob Schneider “solo show” is not man-and-guitar. Nor is it just man-and-piano. Let me tell you who was on stage Thursday night:

Bob Schneider, lead singer
Bob Schneider, piano
Bob Schneider, guitarist
Bob Schneider, harmonica
Bob Schneider, human beat box
Bob Schneider, comedian
Bob Schneider, actor (specifically, playing the role of Christian Bale, accent and all)

So much for a solo show. With the help of a looping machine, a synthesizer and his own vocal beats, Bob Schneider was a true one-man band. It was a really fun night and there was lots of Texas pride in the room. Schneider played for about two hours and even took requests from the audience (unfortunately this did not include “Veggie Burger” even though I tried!). He did play some great songs like “Big Blue Sea”, “Let’s Roll,” “Changing Your Mind” and “40 Dogs (Like Romeo and Juliet).” Schneider was pretty chatty with the crowd. It was one-quarter stand-up comedy act, three-quarters concert. And let’s just say that when he thought (jokingly) that he spotted Christian Bale in the audience, he seemed to have an endless supply of material.

This was my first visit to City Winery and I really liked everything about it: the rustic decor, wine, music, great view of the stage. It is really an ideal combination. Oh, and you get to sit down for the whole show and nobody stands up to block your view. Bonus points for that.

Though I have yet to see Bob Schneider play in Austin, I still feel like I’ve seen two great performances in NYC. He’s definitely a performer to see live. His new album, A Perfect Day, will be available on April 19th.


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