Tiny Apartment Concert 12-11-10


Photo by Ashley Corbin-Teich

There has been a great deal written about creative and resourceful people who, when faced with very little space, have made the most of their living situations in NYC. A closet becomes an office, a foot stool is also a storage cube, the coffee table can be raised to become a desk, and a bike doubles as wall art.  I have not however read much about those daring New Yorkers who attempt (and succeed!) at entertaining in their small space. See, that’s why the bars and restaurants of NYC can all exist and thrive even though there are so many of them. Everyone just meets there instead of in friends’ homes. When people do have living rooms (that is, the living room is not being used as a bedroom), they are usually small and not really capable of seating too many people.

This is why the Tiny Apartment Concert experience is such a rare treat. While others would see a NYC apartment as merely a place to sleep after a fun night out, these hostesses/music lovers/chefs saw the possibility in their apartment. They decided to open up their living room (well, quite frankly their whole apartment) to bands and their own music-loving friends in NYC looking for good food, good music and good company. And I must say they have accomplished quite a feat. I mean, have you ever had a 7-piece band play in your living room?

After a successful music and potluck dinner event in August, the concert planners arranged for a December show featuring Spirit Family Reunion and The Defibulators. As promised, both bands played foot-stomping music throughout the night. The Defibulators played first and offered up some banjo and fiddle playing. I later learned that one of the band members is called Metalbelly, and let’s just say that it is a very appropriate name. So, not only was this 7-person band can playing in the living room, but there was also room for some dancing. And let me tell you that people did not hesitate to jump up and start the hoedown.

Next up was Spirit Family Reunion. A band of four, they opted not to use any amps, so it was all lungs.  Soon after they started there was an instrument malfunction. Apparently the bridge part of the very large upright bass broke. Now, this would be a major problem in any other situation, but luckily there was an upright bass player in The Defibulators who graciously offered his bass to his fellow musician.  So, as one bass was rolled into one bedroom, another one was rolled out of the other bedroom. Only at a Tiny Apartment Concert, right?? And the band played on.

It was a night of fun, folky music with plenty of banjo and harmonica to go around. Thanks to the hostesses for another great party. Well done. Check out the Tiny Apartment Concert site to see photos and video from the evening.


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