Besides Daniel @ Eels Lounge


Last night I was on the exclusive guest list of about 20 people who who were invited to assemble in Greenpoint to hear the music of Atlanta-based Besides Daniel.  Doors opened at 8, the music was to start at 9. There was an opening band (Tim Walker),  professional video cameras and a merch table. This was an official concert, but it also happened to be in my friend’s apartment.

After an email correspondence that somehow got to the point of “Sure, we’ll come play a show in your living room” and a good deal of driving, the three members of Besides Daniel found their way to an apartment in Greenpoint yesterday.  It was the second small concert they had done in the area, having just played a show on Long Island. I have to say that I could really get used to this type of thing.  A personal concert with good friends, good food, and couches may just be the future of live music (at least in my dreamworld). Seriously, can you imagine it: no wristbands, no lines, byob, and you even get a nice bathroom.  There’s also the added feature of getting to chat with the band.  Before the music started last night the  band members mingled with guests in the kitchen and were very friendly and gracious.

Before the music began, guests made their way into the room and planted themselves in chairs, couches, and a few chose the floor. The space was small, but worked out very well.  Eels Lounge (which I have decided to call it, using the first initials of the three resident hostesses) is just the type of place that’s calling out for a concert. Framed concert posters line the walls and banjos and guitars are prominently displayed—though I think the record player was sad that its services were no longer needed for the night.

Tim Walker took to the stage first, and he was joined by Besides Daniel’s drummer, Aaron Schorch.  Apparently the two just met a couple weeks ago, so I don’t know how Tim ended up touring with the band.  But I think they made a good decision to bring him along.  He has a great voice and I really enjoyed his songs.  After a quick break, Besides Daniel took over. This included lead singer Danny Brewer, bassist Ryan Robertson, and Schorch back on drums. I can’t say I knew any of the songs, but I enjoyed hearing them for the first time.  On the band’s MySpace page it’s noted that “Brewer’s influences are songwriters like Bob Dylan, A.A. Bondy, Ray LaMontagne, Sufjan Stevens, Nick Drake, Justin Vernon (Bon Iver), Elliott Smith, Conor Oberst, and Samuel Beam (Iron & Wine), as well as bands like Sigur Ros, Radiohead, MeWithoutYou, and Arcade Fire.”  So I’m not surprised that I liked their sound. Though I should really thank the music booker at Eels Lounge. She’s the one with the good taste. I look forward to hearing about the headlining band for September.

Here are some videos and photos of the concert. The videos are meant to just be a sampling of the music. The picture quality is terrible (due to a little setting error on my camera, but the music makes up for the image). First is Tim Walker, then Besides Daniel.

Besides Daniel

Tim Walker


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