The Life is good Festival


Whoa.. did I just read this correctly??  A music festival in Canton, MA????  I can’t believe I just came across this.  And Dr. Dog will be there? And Ben Harper? And Grace Potter & the Nocturnals?  And The Sippy Cups? Ok, I admit I do not know The Sippy Cups, but I imagine they are huge with the under five crowd.  In any case, there must be a typo. Either that or my little hometown has just become host to a large music festival.  Wow, I am very impressed.  Usually Canton, Ohio or Canton, China gets all the glory, but now it’s little Canton, Massachusetts making its way into the spotlight.

See, Canton, MA is a lovely suburb of Boston.  With a population of around 25,000 and a commuter train running through the town it was a lovely place to grow up. When I lived there, there was a library, a high school, pizza joints, a homemade ice cream place (with cows and all), and a championship winning math team. I admit that there are some unique things about Canton—it’s the home of the Dunkin’ Donuts headquarters, a world famous viaduct, and two reality show contestants.  But a music festival? I mean there used to be free summer shows by local musicians on the lawn in front of the high school, but those were primarily attended by the lawn chair set and a few fearless dancing children.  That was it.  Now there appears to be a music festival with multiple nationally recognized, even world famous, performers.  Looks like it will be a family-friendly day, and the money raised is for a good cause.  Nice work, Canton!

If you are going to be in the Canton area on the weekend of Sept 11 and 12, find out more about the 2010 Life is good Festival.


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  1. 1 Megan

    Canton, a budding hub of social activity!

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