Review: Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings @ Prospect Park


I knew Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings were popular, but I had no idea they would bring out such a huge crowd to the Prospect Park bandshell Saturday night. They mentioned that there were around 20,000 people there, but I’m guessing there were actually more than that. When we  arrived at 6 p.m. (when the gates were supposed to open) we found a line that wrapped all around the back of the fenced in seating area…and beyond. I never actually got to the end of the line. We walked a bit, but when we saw how far the line stretched we decided to just set up shop the the grass/dirt area outside of the fence.  This meant that we wouldn’t really be able to see anything on the stage, but it also mean that we didn’t have to wait in line for two hours. I imagine people were there all day waiting in line. I have never seen a line so long at a Celebrate Brooklyn concert.

Luckily I did have a sneak peek of the show earlier in the afternoon. I happened to be riding my bike in the park during sound check, so I heard some of the music beforehand. I have to say that all the families who were grilling or enjoying picnics in the park had some very good background music.

So this was my view before the sun set:

These were my concertgoing neighbors. The one with the pacifier had some pretty good moves.

This photo was taken to prove that I was actually at a concert. If you look closely enough you will see a musician playing a trumpet.

So this is what I can say: the music was really good, but even though Sharon Jones has a huge voice, it was a little hard to hear it because there were lots of chatter in the nosebleed section.  When I stretched my neck I could see a glittering mirror ball-like object coming in and out of view. I assumed that was Sharon Jones. And having seen her in concert before, I could imagine her moves during her dance tutorial.  I looked at pictures from the concert and was surprised to see she was wearing a green dress. From my seat, she was in silver sequins.  I was also surprised to see that this happened:

Who knew????

Anyway, it was a lovely night for a free concert. Unfortunately too many people thought so. It was also the second to last concert in the Celebrate Brooklyn summer series, so maybe that was a factor as well.  Many thanks to the bathroom attendant who kept the ladies moving along, and provided some comic relief for those of us who couldn’t believe we had to stand in such a long line. Luckily it was the only one I chose to wait in that night.

Update 8/11/10: Hi, Dan…in response to your comment here is the pic of the crazy Sharon Jones superfan from the Monolith Music Festival.

Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings + fan


2 Responses to “Review: Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings @ Prospect Park”

  1. 1 Pro Voca

    man she’ll let anyone up on stage. remember the superman guy she invited up at monolith fest at red rocks. wish i could attach a picture of that!

  2. I just added the picture. I guess she likes company on the dance floor.

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