Siren Music Festival 2010 @ Coney Island


The Siren Music Festival took place on Saturday at Coney Island. It was a little different experience than last year. There was no band in the lineup that I was really excited to see, and I also had to be there for work. So, while many people saw this:

I saw this (the crowd in front of the chicken wing eating contest):

And I was stationed along this row of tents for the day:

Until I took a break and caught this (Wye Oak’s last song):

It was a fun day, but wow was it hot. Good job to all the fans who braved the sun and heat to see the bands. If you happened to use a blue fan that you picked up to cool yourself off, a big thank you goes out to you.

I must say that there are way too many things going on in Coney Island. There’s the beach, the Cyclone, Luna Park, the boardwalk, beer island, Nathan’s…it goes on. Oh, yeah, and also two stages set up for live music, but I’m sure a lot of people didn’t even know that. And I witnessed, once again, people will wait in endless lines for free stuff. This time it was for a free tote bag, and the blaring sun did not stop them.

In the end I was just happy to ride the Cyclone and get my roller coaster fix. I also got a great view of Matt & Kim’s crowd from high in the sky on the Brooklyn Flyer, one of the rides at the new Luna Park. And then, after nearly 11 hours at Coney Island, I called it a night. Until next year…


2 Responses to “Siren Music Festival 2010 @ Coney Island”

  1. 1 Betsy

    We missed you at The National at Prospect Park! You would have liked Matt Berninger’s musing on the NYC geese massacre. Crazy dude!

  2. yes, I read about his geese talk. I heard he dedicated a song to the geese. I know, I’m sorry I missed the show! Hope you had a good time.

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