Review: Band of Horses at Williamsburg Waterfront


In the end it was Andrew’s night. Andrew is a man who just showed up at a concert yesterday, sat in the blazing heat for a couple of hours, and probably just wanted to hear a few good songs. I bet he never expected to strike up a connection with Band of Horses lead singer Ben Bridwell and then go on to hear his name blasting from the speakers. Never have I seen a lead singer so inspired by (or perhaps fixated on) a fan that the fan is the subject of a new song (not surprisingly called “Andrew”) and also incorporated into songs (“No one’s gonna love you more than Andrew”). It was a bit out of hand. I attribute it to the band’s loopiness at the end of a long period of time on tour, but I’m sure Andrew’s not complaining.

It was a perfect day for an outdoor concert, and it was the first of the season at the Williamsburg Waterfront. Aside from the labyrinth of gates set up to enclose various sets of people (drinkers/non-drinkers/VIPs) and the poor handling of security issues (note to Strike Force Protective Services, Inc: please do not decide to start limiting entry into the large area in front of the stage when audience members have just left for a few minutes to go to the bathroom and then return to find that they now have to wait in line to maybe, if enough people leave, get back to their friends. Do we pay $40 for this??). Ok, I could go on, but to sum it up—some crowd control logistics need to be worked out.

But the music was great. Karen Elson kicked off the concert and then Grizzly Bear took over. Band of Horses took the stage once the sun had set over the Manhattan skyline. This year the stage is set up so that the band faces west and the audience looks east. I’m not sure why they changed it, but it made for an interesting situation in terms of a backdrop. The stage was situated right in front of a building, and some people were occasionally looking out the window to see the show, or at least the back of the musicians. People in nearby apartments could hear the music, but could just see the crowd.

Here are some pictures from the evening:

Ben Bridwell of Band of Horses

Jam pants

Karen Elson

the view

the neighbors

the people with a stage set up right outside their window


One Response to “Review: Band of Horses at Williamsburg Waterfront”

  1. What a lineup! Looks like a beautiful day for a show.

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