Good stuff


So I did end up watching most of The National’s concert on Saturday night as it was streamed live from BAM. The quality of the video was great and I enjoyed hearing the new songs. The audio quality wasn’t bad, but of course nothing will be as good as the live sound (and I was watching on a laptop).  I must say, the whole production was really impressive. They had a whole slew of cameras that gave you grand views of the whole opera house as well as closeups of the singers and some other unlikely vantage points (i.e. the drummer’s bare feet).  Even when Matt Berninger made his way to the back of the crowd, the camera shots and audio feed were not interrupted.  They were cutting it live, and there were no commercials which made it different than something aired on TV. The stream did sort of cut out for a bit as I was watching, but I kept reloading the page and was determined to get it back and running. But all in all, they did a really great job and I’d definitely watch something like that again. You can still watch the full concert online, or even just watch clips of specific songs. Enjoy!


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