Kings of Leon @ Rockefeller Plaza


I know people rave about Kings of Leon, but for some reason I just never got into them. I think it was this picture:

It was all over NYC and online, and I just felt it was too much and I was sick of them before I even heard them. And plus they looked way too styled for me. Maybe it’s because most band and concert advertisements in New York just have the band name and concert info in big letters. Sometimes there is artwork, but I can’t say I’ve seen many posters with the faces of every band member featured. So it just seemed weird to me.

Today I caught their performance on NBC’s Today Show and thought it sounded great. It also put a new image of them into my head. They look like regular guys, and not so slick with perfectly positioned side bangs. Though I have to wonder what that one guy was thinking wearing a leather coat?? It’s 80 degrees and humid. I guess he doesn’t do t-shirts.


One Response to “Kings of Leon @ Rockefeller Plaza”

  1. 1 betsytimbers

    They’ve been around for-eva! I think they were the opening band at a U2 concert I went to college circa 2001 and then I saw them at a Strokes concert. Maybe that’s why they got the heavy publicity blitz.

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