Frightened Rabbit @ Siren Music Festival



The ninth annual Village Voice Siren Music Festival took place on Saturday, and I made the trek out to Coney Island primarily to see Frightened Rabbit. I last saw the band perform at Le Poisson Rouge back in February, and I was excited to see them play again, but this time outside.

I did manage to get a really good view of the stage— perhaps this was because I was let in through a side entrance that was later blocked off. Lead singer Scott Hutchison seemed to like Coney Island, though I think the thunderous sound of the Cyclone roller coaster going by every minute or two sort of caught him off guard. While most of the band members did not let the 80-degree heat stop them from wearing their signature plaid button down shirts, they did decide to break out the sunglasses for the occasion.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here’s my 13,000 word essay about the day.

scott hutchison


Andy Monaghan

Andy Monaghan of Frightened Rabbit

billy kennedy

Billy Kennedy of Frightened Rabbit

andy takes a pic

Andy Monaghan taking a photo of the crowd

grant hutchison drums

Grant Hutchison of Frightened Rabbit

scott h

Frightened Rabbit lead singer Scott Hutchison

band cools off

This is how the band cooled off

fans cool off

This is how the fans cooled off

Spank Rock

Spank Rock on the Stillwell stage

Spank Rock at Siren Music Festival 2009

Spank Rock at Siren Music Festival 2009

wonder wheel

The Wonder Wheel at Coney Island


The Cyclone at Coney Island


2 Responses to “Frightened Rabbit @ Siren Music Festival”

  1. 1 Bert

    it’s no Revere Beach, but the wonder wheel looks wild!

  2. 2 eb

    I’m so bummed I missed it. Looks awesome.

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