Matt and Kim @ Pier 54



Last night a whole lot of music fans packed themselves onto Pier 54 for the first concert in the Hudson River Park’s RiverRocks concert series. The show featured three performances (wait, can I call a DJ set a performance? ok, fine I guess so). First up was Team Robespierre, a punk band from Brooklyn. They seemed a little off, but at least they were singing…which leads me to the next group Flosstradamus, a pair of DJs. The music was good, but it wasn’t the right time or place for a DJ set. The pier was completely flat, so odds were that your experience at that point involved a dance-track backed view of the sunset. It wasn’t much of a dance party where I was standing, half-way down the pier, but maybe they were appreciating the music up front. When Matt and Kim took the stage there were joined by two giant screens, which were used to project close-ups of the musicians as well as some animated patterns.

As it turned out, it was a little better to stand towards the back where there was another speaker. You could sort of see the stage (and not just the heads of the people in front of you), and you could smell the funnel cake and pretend you were at a carnival.

Up next for RiverRocks is Ted Leo and the Pharmacists on July 23, and then Yeasayer on Aug 13. I recommend not taking a bag, if that is at all possible. You can sail right through security and skip the loooong bag-check line.

Some pictures:


Team Robespierre




“Can’t you see me???? What is your problem. We’re over here with the Grinch!”



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