Dr. Dog @ Prospect Park Bandshell



Yesterday evening I walked to Prospect Park carrying an umbrella, wearing sunglasses, looking at my shadow and stepping over puddles. Yes, this can all happen at the same time. It was looking like the predicted rain was going to skip the borough of Brooklyn altogether, but no, right as we were walking to the park, the rain started. Luckily it was light at first, and then when it picked up there was some good scaffolding nearby. Once the rain stopped we continued to the concert and that was the last we saw of the rain. And all I can say is thank goodness for wood chip mulch. The sheet and towel I brought didn’t even get wet and we were able to sit down and have a picnic, because you know outdoor concerts are just an excuse to sit outside and eat large amounts of bread and cheese.

The show openers were These United States, and they proved to be my favorite of the bunch. I think it was because their music was the most upbeat of the three sets (check out “Honor Amongst Thieves”). They were followed by Phosphorescent, aka Matthew Houck. He sounded good, but it was a little too mellow for the bandshell. Unfortunately, I missed half of his set because I had to visit the ladies room. Note to women at upcoming Prospect Park Bandshell shows: do not drink anything. I don’t care how tempting the Bud Light in a hairspray bottle is. You will regret every sip of it the moment you see that line of women ahead of you.

Dr. Dog rounded out the night. They are definitely a great band, but I wasn’t as into it since I don’t know many of their songs. So it wasn’t really a sing-along (like the Cold War Kids show last summer), and they weren’t the get up and dance kind of band that the park needed. But that was okay, as long as I had some cheese and grapes and a good seat on some wood chips I was quite happy.

These United States


Dr. Dog (it was too dark to take a decent picture at that point)


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