Band of Horses @ Carnegie Hall



When I bought tickets back in February for last night’s Band of Horses concert at Carnegie Hall, June felt very very far away. But, June, if not summer, is here now. And so I got to see the band last night at a venue that was just a tad different than the outdoor stage at Red Rocks in Denver I saw them perform at last fall.

I have to say it’s impressive when a band’s tour schedule includes performances at festivals like Bonnaroo (6/14) and Lollapalooza (8/7), and then stops at places like Royal Theater in Victoria, BC (9/5) and Carnegie Hall. That’s one versatile band, if you ask me. Last night the band seemed comfortable in the formal space, and lead singer Ben Bridwell even sarcastically mentioned something like, yeah the place we played last night was just like this. The band seemed bigger than the last time I saw them, which was fitting for the venue. The violinist joining them last night was definitely a new (and welcome) addition.

The crowd was of course well-behaved, way casually dressed, and remained seated for most of the show. Really the only time the band had people on their feet was during the last song of the encore. It’s not to say the rest of the show was uninspiring, it just wasn’t get-up-out-of-your-seat dance music. And, hey, maybe these people were just reluctant to get out of their plush red velvet seats, which are rare in the indie concert world, so I can’t blame them. The band played some new songs and announced that they would be releasing a new album soon, which was good news to hear. One guy in the crowd was not leaving until he heard Ode to LRC, and Bridwell was like dude, we’ll get to that, hang in there. Other songs played included The Funeral and No One’s Gonna Love You, and The Great Salt Lake. Opening band Arbouretum was good, but kind of sleep-inducing, so they wouldn’t be one of my concert picks. Maybe their record is better.



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