Pela and Deer Tick and Dawes oh my


Last night was like a mini-festival at Music Hall of Williamsburg— Tokyo Police Club, Pela, Deer Tick, Dawes, and The Antlers. It was a private event that I was lucky enough to attend, and it was a little different since it was actually a birthday party, too. The bands played pretty long sets, maybe 45 minutes to an hour, so it was business as usual, but then there were some celebratory things thrown in—like the Hannah Montana piñata, 4th of july sparklers, confetti, and a very professional rendition of ‘Happy Birthday.’

When we arrived we caught most of Dawes, who I had actually never heard of. But I liked them. Seems that Dawes is a new side project for some members of another band called Simon Dawes. Next up was Deer Tick, a band I hear about often, but had never seen. And I always get them confused with Deerhunter. It seemed like Dawes and Deer Tick are on some sort of Americana tour. There were lots of stars-and-stripes on stage and plenty of good old-fashioned rock music. It was the members of Deer Tick who provided the Hannah Montana piñata, and then lead singer John McCauley decided to take off his shirt and sing “La Bamba,” which seemed to take the show up five-hundred notches.

Then I got to see Pela for the…ok, I’m not even going to count the number of times I’ve seen them, since maybe it is getting out of hand. But I don’t care. They put on a great live show. At first the audience was a little timid and left this big open space in front of the stage. But lead singer Billy McCarthy remedied the situation by encouraging the crowd to move up, reminding them they are in NYC and this is rock and roll territory (translation: what is your problem? it’s a rock show, we don’t bite, stop being so shy and get up here and shake it like a polaroid picture already). The band rocked out as usual, playing a bunch of new stuff and then Billy offered up his human water fountain skills yet again.

I must say this was one impressive birthday lineup. My birthday will be coming up in a few months, so in case anyone is taking notes here is my dream concert lineup: Frightened Rabbit, Pela, M. Ward, Bon Iver, and The New Pornographers. I don’t think it’s so impossible. I should look into it…and, yes, this would be a 5 hour concert.

Here are some pics from last night:

Deer Tick




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