Green Day on CBS Sunday Morning



CBS Sunday Morning profiled Green Day this past weekend. The band just released their album 21st Century Breakdown about two weeks ago and it took over the #1 slot on the Billboard albums chart.

A few good quotes from the segment:

Drummer Tre Cool talks about how in early 90s the band was touring and his dad was their bus driver…

It was fine until he started like crossing the line of – of like being a father and being a a bus driver. Like he would complain about dirty socks and stuff. It’s like, ‘Dude, we’re a punk band. We – we are dirty socks.’

Both Mike Dirnt and lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong talk about how touring affects their family lives, and Armstrong talks about his son’s interest in music and how he deals with the topic of getting an education, as he himself never completed high school…

You know, my oldest son, I talked with him about it recently I never brought it up before. And what I told him was I’m the luckiest bastard on the planet for doing what I’ve been able to do. As a musician and get to the heights we’ve gone to or at least the level we’ve gone to and it’s something I never take for granted and it doesn’t happen to everybody and, you know, my kids like music too…[but] it’s not a family business. It’s not like he’s going to suddenly take over at the office or something.

And Dirnt’s take on the whole experience…

This is a good journey that always starts with the music, you know? Whether it’s live or just with an acoustic guitar in your room. I think at the end of the day, if you follow the music, it’ll take you on a really, really great journey.

Catch the whole story and video here.


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