Bodyface @ Union Square Park


bodyfaceIn NYC it’s quite common to come across unexpected musical performances—there’s the saxaphone player who enters your subway car to serenade you and your fellow commuters, the upstairs neighbor who decides to play his guitar all evening, and the pianist who somehow managed to get his upright piano down onto the subway platform to perform for you while you wait for the D train (a feat worthy of a donation, no matter what the music sounds like).

But today I stumbled upon a concert which seemed to be pretty professional in a DIY sort of way. See, I got off the subway at Union Square and I had some time to kill before meeting a friend. So I was going to head towards Barnes and Noble, but I saw a bunch of fire trucks and a ton of smoke coming from 18th street, so I figured it was best to head in the opposite direction. As I walked towards 14th I thought “ooh, what is this that I hear? music? amplified?” And then it all came into view: a band of four guys with all their amps and multiple videographers. Yes, only in New York can a person have the experience of thinking “damn, that building’s on fire, can’t walk over there. ok, let me go the other way, oh nice, a concert.”

With the sound of sirens somehow masked in the background, the band turned out to be pretty good and held my attention for multiple songs. I wasn’t quite sure what was going on at first. Was this a sponsored gig? Would I have to try a sample of gatorade before I left? I even wondered if the band was shooting a music video since there were at least three videographers of the non-amateur variety. The stickers on the band’s drum set said “What is Bodyface?” So unless they were advertising a new Neutrogena product, I figured that was the name of the band, and I decided I would look them up when I got home.

After a few songs they passed a bucket around for donations. I was feeling generous after a botched I-think-this-may-or-may-not-be-a-scam incident on my lunch break the other day. And I was pretty sure the money would go to a good cause. One of the guys started holding up CDs and I think he was offering them for a dollar. I decided to toss in all the cash I had, a grand total of four dollars. I know, pathetic, but I think that’s reasonable for a 4-song CD (with a bonus bumper sticker). As I was taking the CD I heard the videographer mentioning something to another guy about holding up the CD and saying “Bodyface!” to the camera. Yeah, that was my cue to exit stage left. Dudes, you’ll get a blog post, but you will not find me offering up any on-camera testimonials at this point. Let me at least listen to the CD first.

And that was that. I walked away with a CD from a band I never heard of and a concert I didn’t mean to attend. Nice.


5 Responses to “Bodyface @ Union Square Park”

  1. 1 Bert

    So is that pic the CD jacket? Or did you find their sketches on America’s Most Wanted?

  2. oh I just sketched that on the concrete while I was watching them.

    yes, it’s from the inside of the CD.

  3. 3 Roger

    On Behalf of Bodyface we would like to thank you for your article and for staying at the Union Square show. Stay in tune for more shows and events. Thanks so much.
    Bodyface Search: Bodyface

  4. Hey, thanks for the nice write up. This is the singer for Bodyface. You could’ve been in the video if you had just held up the sticker though. You can check it out at youtube, just search “Bodyface, Union Square”, it came out pretty well. Hope that you enjoyed the cd.

  5. 5 Jake

    yo, I just met Bodyface at one of their gigs in Madrid and they seemed very friendly.

    Nice to meet you guys, I hope I’ll be able to catch your show up in NYC some time

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