The Cave Singers @ Mercury Lounge



I like these guys. I didn’t know much about The Cave Singers before I saw them last night at Mercury Lounge. I just liked the songs they had on their MySpace page. But it ended up being a fun show, which I think can be credited to the band’s songs being heavy on the percussion—maracas, tambourine, bongo drums—and lead singer Pete Quirk’s foot-stomping moves.

The band is quite young, formed in 2007, and consists of three musicians who were all previously playing in other bands. In addition to Quirk (formerly of Hint Hint), there is guitarist Derek Fudesco (of Pretty Girls Make Graves ) and drummer Marty Lund (of Cobra High). Clearly the guys have been having a good time together, as Quirk said “I just want to say this out loud…I love these guys.” And then he went on to compliment them by saying it was like being on stage with two Brad Pitts—to which one of the fans offered “No, three Brad Pitts.” Awww…the love.

The raspy voice of Quirk is what appealed to me when I first listened to the songs from their debut album Invitation Songs. He sounded just as good live, but there was a new element added last night: Quirk’s unique style of delivery. His facial expressions and hand motions made it look as though he was telling a story, not just singing some words. So that made the whole show pretty engaging. It didn’t matter that I had no idea what the stories were about. Quirk even admitted that they generally “do not write songs about anything,” though he introduced one song by mentioning it was about his home state of New Jersey.

The band played for about an hour, and even though I wasn’t familiar with most of their songs, I was happy to hear the few I knew and enjoyed the others. The only odd thing of note was the occasional “Go Pete” shouted out by one fan throughout the show. I’m sure he appreciated the encouragement, but it sounded like we were at a basketball game cheering the guy on while he shot free throws. Opening band, The Antlers, were fine to listen to, but I can’t say that any of their music really stood out or stayed with me. They describe their music as “indie/ambient,” so maybe that’s the way it’s supposed to be. They seemed to have a big hometown crowd in attendance, and they expressed much gratitude to those who came.

Here are a few pictures, followed by a clip of The Cave Singers from another concert.


The Antlers


The Cave Singers




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  1. 1 eb

    I LOVE everything about the top picture – it’s a great shot. And it perfectly captures the mood of the show.

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