A New Song from Clap Your Hands Say Yeah


Clap Your Hands Say Yeah played a new song called “Statues” on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon last night. It’s been two years since the band released Some Loud Thunder, so it’s nice to hear some new stuff from them. They actually played a few new songs at their BAM concert, and after the concert I was left wishing I could hear the songs again. Lucky for me (and you), the band is offering a free download of the new song if you visit their web site.

Check out the band’s performance below. The audio is not the best quality, but it’s decent. And you can also see the way the show’s stage is designed. It’s a little different in that it features fans dancing in the rafters on both sides of the stage—which might be fun for the fans, but I imagine the band can’t see them at all. So I wonder who is left in the audience after they’ve sent the TV-approved kids to the rafters? Well, if the band was playing for a seated audience of 12, I sure couldn’t tell. Good job.


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