M. Ward @ Apollo Theater



Some bands make sounds, others make noise, M. Ward makes music.  This is really all I have to say on the matter.  When I got up from my seat at the end of his set last night I already wanted to see him play again. I even looked at his tour schedule to see if I could somehow work one of his shows into an impromptu vacation.

Yes, even with the audio glitches and the occasional comments made by some guy who sounded like he was part of WWE, the show was great. It was a surprising crowd—part date-night, part male-bonding event.  In the course of the show, M. Ward played the harmonica, the piano, and a couple of guitars (which he plays with such skill it has to be seen to believe—though even when you see it, it’s still hard to believe).  And of course, he sang. New stuff, old stuff, new stuff that sounded like old stuff.  Having seen him play a solo acoustic show two years ago, it was nice to hear a full backing band this time around.

To listen for yourself, check out this live M. Ward performance recorded at WNYC this week.


One Response to “M. Ward @ Apollo Theater”

  1. 1 eb

    I couldn’t agree more with your post. Seeing M. Ward live blows my mind every single time.

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