Ice Ice Baby


All right stop, collaborate and listen, Seaport Ice is back with a brand new invention…

It’s called Seaport Music Winter Fest and it’s happening on a bunch of Fridays this winter. The kickoff show was last Friday, January 30. Now, I like ice skating, and I like concerts, so you would think that combining the two would make me very happy. But there is one small problem: it will be ABSOLUTELY FREEZING. I looked up the temperature and they are predicting something like 28 degrees. Maybe that is warm to some people, but when it’s 28 degrees out, I am not usually thinking about how fun it would it be to stand outside by the water for an hour and listen to some live music. And then I wonder about the musicians and I am concerned. Isn’t it hard to play with frozen fingers and a giant down parka? I figure I should drop off some of my fingerless gloves to help out the band.

I appreciate the fact that they are trying to extend the outdoor concert season, but must it happen in February? I’ll hold out for April or May. But if you’re thinking this is the most wonderful idea ever, then I can tell you that the band playing tomorrow is pretty good and worth checking out if you can brave the cold. They are Project Jenny, Project Jan, and the first song I listened to, “You Said So with Percussion,” reminds me of something from Architecture in Helsinki. The other songs had a slightly different sound, but they would definitely inspire a triple axel or a double salchow.

There is more ice skating info on the South Street Seaport web site. They also posted new photos, which is helpful in gauging the size of the rink. When I went skating there a few weeks ago I was not 100% sure the place would actually be open. There were only “artistic renderings” of the rink available on the site. So I had no idea what to expect, but it turned out to be fun. The rink isn’t huge, but it wasn’t too crowded. So I can say that it’s a nice place to be on a sunny Sunday afternoon. On a dark and cold Friday night…well, all I can say is just keep dancing.


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