In This Economy


I have realized that this blog is seriously lacking the phrase “in this economy.” It’s been attached to every single business, housing, and employment story in the past few months, and it has acted as a necessary add-on to any sentence involving bad news. But the most surprising instance was in regard to the Golden Globe awards. Yesterday morning I heard a fashion commentator who was assessing the red carpet fashion say that “in this economy” actresses went with the expected—glamorous, yet nothing really over the top. I am not sure that this makes any sense whatsoever, as I am sure there are plenty of $10,000 basic black dresses out there. Or did he mean that in deference to the thousands of unemployed people and families struggling to stay in their homes, celebs decided not to rub diamond-flecked nail polish and 15-carat jewels in their faces? How considerate of them. The whole event is a spectacle and it always has been. So I don’t see how the phrase “in this economy” has any place at the Golden Globe Awards.

But, it does have a place on this blog.

See, in this economy…there is the library. We all know that the library does books. And they do it well. But the library also does DVDs and CDs. My experience with DVDs has been so-so—a little more Netflix (with longer wait times) than Blockbuster. But the music department is a different story. I’m really not sure when my library turned into Tower Records, but somewhere along the way it started to acquire albums by artists like Architecture in Helsinki, Grizzly Bear, M83, Jose Gonzalez, Broken Social Scene and The Decemberists. I have always enjoyed visiting the library, but now I am surprised with the musical selection every single time I visit. On my last trip to the library, I picked up albums by Ratatat, The Mountain Goats, Neil Halstead, and the Killers. Sometimes I just pick up albums from bands I know very a little about, and sometimes I find something I had been meaning to listen to. I don’t know how the library chooses the CDs for their collection, but someone must have some connections to indie labels. The best part is that if I don’t like the album I just bring it back and maybe pick out something else. Simple.

So when times are tough, just remember your library is always there for you.


One Response to “In This Economy”

  1. 1 ilya

    Whoa, that’s a fantastic idea. In this economy (you’re right, it comes out very naturally), one is almost forced to turn to music piracy in order to listen to new bands. You just saved me from jail time.

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