Okkervil River @ The Bell House



Last night Okkervil River played to a sold out crowd at The Bell House in Brooklyn. It was really the most crowded I have ever seen the place—almost to the point of being uncomfortably filled with people. Will Sheff put on a very lively show. This man moves. And so does his hair. I’m impressed he even comes onstage wearing glasses and a sport coat since I figure both would seem to restrict his movement. But, in time, they are both tossed aside so Sheff can enjoy his full range of motion.

I’ve seen the band play once before at Webster Hall. There was a similar crowd there last night, but my view was much better this time. I could actually see the other band members. Unfortunately the drummer was still hidden in the back, but I got a better view when I stood up near the stairs by the bar. That also gave me a better view of the guy with the maracas, Scott Brackett, who was fun to watch. There was also a female guitar-player, which I don’t see too often. She’s not listed on the band’s MySpace page, so I’m not sure if she is a band regular. Last time I saw them play I was too far from the stage to really see the band.

Oh, odd moment of the night: A rowdy fan near the stage was escorted out of the hall by security. I don’t even know what to say about that. Was his fist-pumping too intense? Was he trying to get onto the stage? It’s Okkervil River. It’s Tuesday night. It’s Park Slope. You’re seriously getting kicked out of this place?? Good job, buddy.

Last night confirmed that Okkervil River’s songs are meant to be heard live. Clearly I am not the first to come to this conclusion. I enjoy them more each time I hear them play.

ps—Okkervil River will be performing on Letterman tonight.

In case you missed it here it is:

More pix from The Bell House:





2 Responses to “Okkervil River @ The Bell House”

  1. 1 meme

    So that guy was escorted out? I noticed him fist pumping and then the next I knew he was gone. Now I know. The show was great. I agree, their tunes are definitely meant to be heard live.

  2. 2 Dan

    if you gotta go, you gotta go….to the loo that is. a security escort sure beats fighting the crowd, right??!
    wish i was there!

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