The Unfortunate Aftereffects of Concertgoing


Today I am suffering from one of the unsightly consequences of attending an event at a bar that requires an admission fee. Yes, I have a hand stamp. Unfortunately, this is not a cute—oh it sort of looks like I have a tattoo—kind of stamp. This is more of a—wow, looks like I sort of have some kind of deadly and/or contagious rash—stamp (even after trying to wash it off). I guess it didn’t help that they used red ink and a stamp that looks more or less like a blob (see exhibit A). Next time I’ll take a wristband, thank you, or one of those invisible hand stamps they use for re-entry at the Magic Kingdom.


Exhibit A

But it’s not all bad news. I realized my hand can be used as an instant Rorschach inkblot test. I am posting this second picture because the image is a little more clear (I felt the full redness came across better in Exhibit A). So what do you see in this blob? I see a downhill skier perfecting his pole plant technique. I don’t know what that means psychologically speaking, but I’m sure it somehow leads to a diagnosis of insanity.


Do you see the skier?

All hand discoloration aside, the performers I saw last night were quite good. They included The Antlers and Sharon van Etten. Cake Shop’s downstairs space is small, which would be nice except that the stage isn’t raised all that much. This makes it kind of hard to see the performers. On a less crowded night I’m sure it would have been fine, but there were a lot of people there last night, so my short glimpses of the stage occurred only when the guy in front of me leaned over to talk to his friend every once in a while. There is a TV monitor set up over the bar to aid in the viewing of the bands. It’s kind of funny because the angle of the camera makes the black-and-white image look like a convenience store surveillance video. Luckily it had a very good soundtrack.


7 Responses to “The Unfortunate Aftereffects of Concertgoing”

  1. ha, ya i see the skier. very aggressive form.
    i also see a reindeer or bull facing the right. ehh?

  2. oh yes, you’re right. like the two faces/vase optical illusion.

  3. 3 sba

    What a beautiful skier?! ’tis the season! Either my creative energy is hugely lacking or my craving for the slopes has me blinded to any other interpretations of the “Blob.” Oh yes, I just had a sweet memory of DJB’s pic of you guys in Neon Ski Gear circa 1991- Upload please!

  4. yes, we were one colorful bunch on the slopes, but wasn’t everyone? except that guy in the jeans and Starter jacket. I always felt his kind was not really prepared for the cold temps. Anyway, that picture has no business being on the internet. I believe dan has the only known copy of it. Why he has it is beyond me. There is, however, a pretty spectacular photo of our debut on the “cover” of Ski magazine. He’ll have to track it down.

  5. 5 Dan

    I’ve attempted to preserve our family’s skiing lineage, however, as the years pass it gets harder and harder to hang on to the noisy purple women’s ski pants, un-breathable teal Northface quarterzip jacket, and every-colored wool sweater. I’m afraid our Ski Mag cover may be lost forever. Unless it’s hidden in the time capsule with your Mariah Carey lip-synch music vids. Let’s hope so.

  6. 6 ilya

    Frankly, I see a man massaging his nipples. And I believe that’s what the stamp actually is.

  7. seriously? Is that what it is? I don’t see that at all, which is fine by me.

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