Heart Healthy Tunes


heartI don’t think you need a scientific study to tell you that listening to certain music can make you happy. There are definitely songs that I listen to that just make me smile or put me in a better mood, even if just momentarily. But, now there is research supporting the theory that listening to your favorite music can actually have cardiovascular benefits. Researchers at the University of Maryland School of Medicine found that as study participants listened to music they enjoyed, their blood vessels expanded, increasing blood flow in their bodies. This change in blood vessel size is similar to what happens when a person laughs or exercises. Music that made participants anxious had the opposite effect, narrowing blood vessels a bit.

So anytime you’re feeling guilty for skipping your gym workout, just lie down and turn on some good music. And hey, if you want to get up and dance, that’s even better. But just don’t put on headphones and blast the song in your ears, that’s a whole other study…

I should note that this study was done with just ten people, mostly male, and primarily country music fans, but I’ll still buy it. Now a ‘healthy lifestyle’ can consist of a good diet, exercise, and lots of concerts.

Check out the full report here.


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