Frightened Rabbit: The Best Band Ever?


Umm, well, either the guys of Frightened Rabbit have decided to be a part of my imaginary band (see Name That Band) or they are contemplating a name change (which I don’t recommend). Since both of these options are pretty unlikely, it just looks like someone over at Bowery Ballroom is taking some editorial liberties with the show calendar. In any case, it may be a bit premature to assign this title to Frightened Rabbit, but I have no doubt that it will just be a matter of time. And I’d let them have the name. I’m sure they will have earned it by then, whereas I, on the other hand, will still be trying to master ‘Chopsticks’ on a keyboard.


One Response to “Frightened Rabbit: The Best Band Ever?”

  1. 1 ilya

    Someone should come out with “Chopsticks/The Remix” and be a YouTube star. That could be you!

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