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Umm, well, either the guys of Frightened Rabbit have decided to be a part of my imaginary band (see Name That Band) or they are contemplating a name change (which I don’t recommend). Since both of these options are pretty unlikely, it just looks like someone over at Bowery Ballroom is taking some editorial liberties […]

It was the night of the 3-man bands at The Bell House on Tuesday. Arriving at the start of the Canadian portion of the lineup, I was able to see performances by Plants and Animals and Born Ruffians. This is how I would describe the sound of Toronto-based Born Ruffians: Oh-oh-eh-eh-eh-ay-ay-ay-la-la-la-la-eh-ay-ay-hey. If you just listen […]

The last time I saw M. Ward perform was at a free outdoor show held downtown in September 2007. It was kind of a strange show, as it was held outside the entrance to a large office building in the financial district. So, as the young, casually dressed concertgoers were filing into the stage area, […]

If I had the power to selfishly freeze a band in time, I would choose Pela. By doing this, I may be accused of halting a promising band’s inevitable rise to worldwide fame and accompanying fortune, but I could guarantee myself admission to an endless supply of shows like the one last night at Mercury […]

Something was a little off last night at the Mirah concert at Highline Ballroom. Mirah herself said it was just “one of those days.” But it wasn’t that her voice was off, it was more that she seemed frustrated by the set-up at Highline Ballroom. I had seen her play with a drummer before, but […]

Name That Band


What’s in a name? There are so many bands out there now, it’s hard to keep track of them all. They are all over MySpace and iTunes, and every NYC venue has an extensive concert calendar. Sometimes there are three or four bands a night. It’s hard to know which bands I’ve listened to, what […]

Cold War Kids is a band in motion. This was evident last night at the Music Hall of Williamsburg as the bassist, Matt Maust, and guitarist, Jonnie Russell, constantly traversed the stage. It was quite different to see the band members cover so much ground during the show. And it wasn’t just during a few […]