The Early Years


Before moving to New York City, my concert experiences existed mainly of large venues and popular acts. I saw performers such as R.E.M., U2, Mariah Carey, Madonna, Matchbox 20, Radiohead, Whitney Houston, and Dave Matthews Band. I mainly went to Foxboro Stadium and Great Woods in Massachusetts for shows, and while I always had fun, I still associated concerts with jammed parking lots, expensive food and the need for binoculars.  Needless to say, things changed when I came to New York. I’ve become quite fond of the small, intimate concert setting and the lack of car travel. I recently came across this photo taken years ago backstage at a New Kids on the Block concert at Foxboro Stadium circa 1990. It documents my early years as a concertgoer (cool shades and all). I can’t say I’ve rushed out to get tickets to the NKOTB “Round Two: Yeah We’ve-Still-Got-the-Right-Stuff-and-We’re-Still-Hangin’-Tough-oh -oh -oh -ohhh” tour.  They definitely had their time and place and accompanying memorabilia, which I sadly got rid of long ago. I’m sure I could have unloaded it on eBay by now. The same probably goes for those 90210 dolls I owned…who knew.

*Note the white t-shirts, which were to be used as blank canvases for all the NKOTB members’ autographs (what forethought we had!). Well, we didn’t have much luck, but 1 out of 5 isn’t bad, right?

Danny Wood of New Kids on the Block

Danny Wood of New Kids on the Block, my neighbors, and me (far right)


2 Responses to “The Early Years”

  1. 1 sb

    My goodness, weren’t you cute!!! I never pegged you for leader of the gang but this picture speaks a thousand oh, oh, oh, oh, oh’s.

  2. 2 eb

    Seriously, I passed my neighbor yesterday and she was wearing the same outfit as your friend (floral shorts, 80s neon shades, etc)…

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