Go See a Concert


There are many reasons to see live music in NYC. Here are a few of mine.

1) It’s like going to a bar, but there’s entertainment. So you don’t have to spend the whole time perfecting your lip-reading skills and attempting to figure out exactly what your friends are saying.

2) In many cases the ticket is less than $15, and sometimes it’s even free. I usually don’t pay more than $30, and that’s rare. I’d say $15-20 is average.

3) Music sounds better with accompanying lighting.

4) You can hear new new songs from the band’s upcoming album.

5) Special Guests! Like Sufjan Stevens on piano at The National’s BAM Opera House concert.

6) The next time you listen to the band at home you’ll have a mental picture of the musicians–like M. Ward’s awe-inspiring guitar playing or The Avett Brothers’ constant bouncing.

7) You are supporting the band, and they will be happy you came to see them. I can’t tell you how many singers have expressed great appreciation to the crowd for venturing out…on purpose…to Williamsburg…on a Monday night.

8 ) If you go see a band you don’t know very much about, maybe you’ll be pleasantly surprised and become a fan.

9) You will learn a bit about the personality of the band. And maybe get to see Billy’s human water fountain theatrics (for this, take yourself to the next Pela concert).

10) You can practice your (a) singing, (b) clapping to a beat, (c) fist pumping, (d) head bopping, or (e) all of the above

11) Hey, you might even be invited onstage like this spandex-wearing fan. Now, this guy had some moves. I think he had been practicing.

Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings + fan

Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings + fan


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