Matt Pond PA @ The Bell House


My friends and I went to check out the opening of a new venue in Brooklyn called The Bell House. It’s a bit out in no-man’s land on 7th street near 3rd Avenue in Brooklyn, but I could walk there from my apartment which is a plus, and I can’t say that about too many concert venues in NYC. I was interested to see the design of the space, which is operated by the same people who own Union Hall and Floyd.  I have always thought Union Hall’s performance space was a bit cramped, so I was hoping that they created a larger space in The Bell House.  And I was right.  Where Union Hall is a large bar with a little stage downstairs, The Bell House’s main attraction is the large performance space. There are two bars, one in the stage area, and another is in a decent-sized separate room that has some couches and chairs.  The decor is similar to Union Hall– dark wood and lighting fixtures that make it feel like a study or living room.  The main stage area is more warehouse meets ski lodge. Two huge chandeliers hanging from the ceiling add a touch of formality to balance out the industrial feeling created by the high ceilings and exposed rafters. The big improvement is that the stage is raised! I always had trouble seeing the performers at Union Hall since they were on ground level. This is definitely a good place to see a band. Not too big, not too small, but just right. Goldlilocks would be pleased.

Tonight’s lineup included Takka Takka, Robbers on High Street, Lilys, and Matt Pond PA. Here are some pics of Matt Pond PA:

Matt Pond PA
Matt Pond PA

Matt Pond PA


2 Responses to “Matt Pond PA @ The Bell House”

  1. 1 chickadee

    It is so good to see eve with mppa.

  2. 2 william

    wheres steve? did he quit too?

    man that guy cant keep band members around very long

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