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So it happened again. After watching the newest Apple iPod nano commerical I found myself looking up some song about doing handstands. It didn’t take much searching to find out it’s “Bruises” by a Brooklyn band, Chairlift. I couldn’t find the song on their MySpace page, but I was able to play the full song […]

I have seen The New Pornographers perform seven times. Is it OK to admit this? I’m not sure when official “groupie” status kicks in. I have a friend who has seen Foo Fighters all over the country, with the number of shows totaling somewhere in the double-digit range. So I like to think I can […]

The Early Years


Before moving to New York City, my concert experiences existed mainly of large venues and popular acts. I saw performers such as R.E.M., U2, Mariah Carey, Madonna, Matchbox 20, Radiohead, Whitney Houston, and Dave Matthews Band. I mainly went to Foxboro Stadium and Great Woods in Massachusetts for shows, and while I always had fun, […]

There are many reasons to see live music in NYC. Here are a few of mine. 1) It’s like going to a bar, but there’s entertainment. So you don’t have to spend the whole time perfecting your lip-reading skills and attempting to figure out exactly what your friends are saying. 2) In many cases the […]

My friends and I went to check out the opening of a new venue in Brooklyn called The Bell House. It’s a bit out in no-man’s land on 7th street near 3rd Avenue in Brooklyn, but I could walk there from my apartment which is a plus, and I can’t say that about too many […]

Every time I see them perform they make me happy. It’s music, it’s painting, it’s one-shoe-off fun. There are ghosts, there is love, there is an eye mask. Note the painter below, hard at work during the show. That’s one of the two paintings created during the set. It always amazes me how well the […]

I still can’t believe how many great concerts I just saw this past weekend in Denver. It was one great show after another. There was no one particular performance I was waiting for, so it felt like the concert that just kept giving.  It would have taken me months to see all of these bands […]