Grand Archives w/Violens @ South Street Seaport


I have gotten into the habit of attending shows to see bands that I know very little about. Maybe I’ve heard a song or two, or gotten a recommendation from someone, or maybe I remember hearing their name somewhere. In any case, I don’t have to know the band’s songs by heart for me to attend a show.  So far it’s been working out quite well. Hey, how bad can a show be when you have zero expectations? Last night I was quite glad I made my way down to the River To River Festival at South Street Seaport to see both Grand Archives and Violens. Seattle-based Grand Archives is led by Mat Brooke, former guitarist for Band of Horses. The band played songs from their debut album, The Grand Archives, released in February.  My favorites include “Torn Blue Foam Couch” and “Sleepdriving.” The band also played a couple new songs that already have looking forward to their next album.

Violens is a band formed just last year in New York City. They recently played with Grizzly Bear, and they are set to tour with MGMT in Europe. Not bad. I did like their sound, and I’ll definitely look for them in the future. I found a download of their song “Violent Sensation Begins” here.

There was a pretty good crowd for both acts, but it wasn’t uncomfortably overcrowded. As with all free outdoor summer shows in NYC, the crowd was a mix of young and old–some concert junkies, some tourists who happened to be visiting South Street Seaport (lucky timing for them!), and some of the after-work financial district crowd.  I was pretty close to the stage, so I decided to try out my photography skills.

Unfortunately, I have come to the realization that my camera is crap. It does not know how to take pictures at night.  See, my picture of Violens is decent:

Violens at South Street Seaport

Violens at South Street Seaport

And this one isn’t bad either:

Iddo Arad of Violens

Iddo Arad of Violens

But once the sun went down, my camera decided to give up (the pic of Grand Archives above was the best of a terrible batch featuring dark or blurry figures). When I attempted to get experimental and put the camera on the “low-light” setting. This is what resulted:

So, as far as my camera was concerned, I was watching a bunch of wavy musical light sabers. Nice. At least they sounded good.


One Response to “Grand Archives w/Violens @ South Street Seaport”

  1. That pic looks like a mix of french fries and spaghetti, regardless, it’s making me hungry! Thanks for introducing me to so much great new music.

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