Sold out!


It happened again today. I had gone a while without suffering the painful feeling of ticket rejection, but I came down with a bad case of it today. I have learned all too many times that in NYC you have to be the first one out of the gate in order to snag tickets to popular concerts when they go on sale online. No, scratch that, you really have to be one of the first ones to know when the tickets are going to go on sale. Then you can be sure to be at your computer at noon of that day.

After facing ticket rejection numerous time (mainly for Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and Arcade Fire shows) I made a point of adding my name to the mailing lists of all the NYC venues and all the bands I might have even the slightest interest in seeing live. I realized I couldn’t be a casual ticket purchaser. In NYC, you have to be on top of your game. You have to work for the tickets (it also helps to have a day job that mainly involves sitting at a computer). I count myself as greatly improved in the game of ticket acquisition, as I was one of the few people to manage to get tickets to a recent Fleet Foxes show at Union Hall. I later learned it had sold out in under a minute. I think I was more excited that I got the tickets than I was about actually attending the show. It’s the thrill of the chase I guess.

So, today it was the Andrew Bird concert at Hiro Ballroom in October. Two shows, $30 a ticket. I was stubborn and decided to hold out and buy tickets at the Mercury Lounge box office. I was not interested in the extra $10+ in service fees today. My mistake. The tickets went on sale at noon. I was at the box office at 6pm and both shows were sold out. I’m not surprised. I should have known the tickets would go quickly, but I decided to chance it. I would have liked to see the show, but I realize that if I had wanted the ticket so badly I would have just sucked it up and bought the tickets online. I thought they had some tickets reserved for in-person sales. I was wrong. I must say I have gotten better at gauging the sell-out risk of various shows. For example, I knew the Bon Iver show would go fast, so I was at my computer at noon on Saturday, waiting for the clock on my computer to change to 12:00. It worked, I got two tickets.

So to all the people who purchased Andrew Bird tickets online today, I send you my congrats. Nice work. Now that I know you are not a lazy bunch, I’ll be better prepared next time.


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