Frightened Rabbit @ Southpaw 7-2-08


Scottish band, Frightened Rabbit wrapped up their month-long U.S. tour last night in front of a sweaty mass of Brooklynites at Southpaw in Park Slope.” Your country is really big,” quipped one band member. Lead singer Scott Hutchison seemed outwardly grateful to every single person in attendance last night. He was overwhelmed by the large crowd of people who appeared to have “actually intended” to see them, which apparently had not been the case at prior shows where the crowd was filled with people listening half-heartedly as they waited for other bands to perform.

I admit I had never even heard of Frightened Rabbit until last night…but I did intend to see them. Since I wasn’t familiar with the songs, I felt like I was participating in something special, but I couldn’t really appreciate it. I’m sure in a few months I’ll say, wow, I saw an up-close and personal show of theirs within walking distance from my apartment. But, last night I just decided to follow the cues of the audience. When they cheered at the opening few notes, I figured it was one of their popular songs…but then that happened at the start of every song.

As the others sang along to songs from “The Midnight Organ Fight”, I watched the fist-pumping, air guitar-playing heavily male crowd bopping their heads to the drum beat. I was pleasantly surprised when the band sang a few lines of the opening of The Nationals’ Fake Empire, in what seemed like a nod to the borough’s current “It” band. As for other songs, “Keep Yourself Warm” was a crowd-pleasing favorite. And Dan Fetherston, drummer from opening band Oxford Collapse, joined Grant Hutchison for some intense double-drumming action on “Old Old Fashioned.” After Hutchinson’s quiet performance of “My Backwards Walk” sans band, the rest of the members, along with Oxford Collapse joined him on stage for their final song of the encore, a rousing last hurrah, played like they wanted to leave a lasting impression on us, as if they wouldn’t be seeing us for a while, but based on what I saw, I have my doubts about that.


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